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Why Self Defense Training is for everyone!

With today's society and the mindset of people, especially youth it is important to realize that the average citizen is a risk of muggings and unprovoked attacks. Just look at the headlines in the news on most any given day. Have you heard of the knockout game? That is the game that many inner city youth play where they find unexpecting people simply minding their own business and they run up to them and catch them off guard with a sucker punch...with the hopes to KNOCK THEM OUT! Yes I am telling you correctly. This is a result of the depravity of our youth and the mindset that they have developed from what I think is a lack of being raised the right way. And many are from very, very dysfunctional homes with no male role model. Therefore the ability to make decisions based on ethics, morals and integrity are non existent in many of these youth.

To top it off our county is overran now with illegals immigrants. And I want to say in the beginning I am all for "legal" immigration. But "illegal" immigration brings in "illegal" activity and individuals who come with a lot of baggage, issues and problems. If you look at the Syrian refugee issue in Europe you will quickly find out that the problem has grown to such an overwhelming issue that it is totally and completely out of control. People have been hurt, mugged, raped and killed due to that situation. And I have news for you, it is coming to America, with all of its problems.

And if that is not enough reason in itself, add the growing epidemic of road rage. Road rage can happen anytime, anywhere and you come completely out of the blue. I was just on Interstate 264 (Watterson expressway) here in Louisville when I witness road rage right in front of me that ended up in a violent accident. It just came out of nowhere.

With keeping all of this in mind, what does a person do to prepare and to keep themselves and their family safe? The answer is: be proactive and prepare in advance. But how? Through "legitimate" real world self defense training. Real self defense is not just punching and kicking and rolling around on the ground and trying to get someone in a choke hold. But real self defense starts with situational awareness and learning how to keep yourself and your family out of potential problems.

The first thing people think of when thinking of self defense and how to protect themselves is that they need to go and get a blackbelt in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo or Jiu-Jitsu. And all of that is good, but there are many, many stories of high ranking black belts in traditional martial arts who get themselves hurt and often lose in high adrenaline unexpected street attacks.

Why is this? Because they have not trained for chaos and the adrenaline dump that takes place when you are in a violent surprise attack. They are trained for controlled "duels." But not the crazy unexpecting situation of an all out surprise attack. Not to mention these attacks often involved knives, guns, sticks or some sort of weapon used in the mugging.

This is where Real Authentic Israeli Krav Maga can help. I am not talking of the type of Krav Maga we see here in USA, where it is basically is over glorified MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Not saying that much of that is not good, because it is good. But most of the time that type of Krav Maga teaches you how to punch, kick, ground fight, and supposedly defend against gun and knife attacks. However, they don't train you with the proper mindset that is used in genuine IDF style Krav Maga. Which uses the Israeli Lotar raining to help recognize, access and neutralize an potential problem in quickest manner. This anti-terrorism mindset that is learned in genuine IDF Krav Maga can help the average US Citizen to be able to avoid potential problems before the materialize. And in the case of a altercation or attack you would be taught how to deal with a high level state of chaos and now to deal with the threat or attack and neutralize the situation ending it in either incapacitation, restraint of termination.

This is where Reality Krav Maga differs from much of what is found here in the USA, our lineage comes from this Military style of Krav Maga and even though to the average citizen much of it looks similar to other styles of commercialized Krav Maga, the mindset and approach is much different. The first thing is that we assume every attacker has a gun or a knife. I remember years ago one Israeli born Krav Maga instructor who was traveling the country doing seminars was in communication with us. We asked for him to show us his gun and knife techniques. And we were blown away at the "inefficiency" of what he called self defense against gun and knife. I told him we could not teach that to our would get them killed. He was insulted and appalled that we had made such a statement concerning "his style" of Krav Maga. So needless to say we did not join his organization.

If you want to truly learn real self defense you must learn the mindset, the techniques, the situational training, and the proper resistance in order to stand a chance in a real attack.

We are honored to have such a program here in Louisville, KY offering martial arts and self defense training that is next to none. Whether you are looking for childrens martial arts, or self defense for women or men, Reality Krav Maga has what you need. And we have dedicated the time to develop the very best realistic yet safe training methods to prepare you for potential problems that could occur on the street.

Come see us at Reality Krav Maga for an introduction to Real Krav Maga.

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