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About Us

Reality Krav Maga is a Israeli Self Defense Club that is made up of members from all backgrounds of life. Our members are normal people just like you! Our system was designed combining authentic IDF Krav Maga with training methods for the average person's lifestyle. We call it "self-defense for the average Joe and Jane." Our mission is to provide a platform that will continue to grow our method of Krav Maga in the Louisville Community. We focus on three components: Self-Defense, Fighting Skills, and Fitness. We plan to focus in future on serving residents of the Louisville area & Bullitt County. We are not a commercial program, but a not for profit self defense outreach program of Family of Faith Church, Inc. 

Reality Krav Maga has trained not only the general public - but also personnel from many Police Departments, FBI, Homeland Security, Sheriffs Departments, Correctional Officers, Army Combative's Instructors, National Guard, Security Officers, and various military branches. 

            SELF DEFENSE

In the event of an attack, a person must be able to execute a defense in 5 to 10 seconds. Our style of Krav Maga assumes the attacker has a weapon. This is a crucial difference that seperates military Krav Maga from other forms of commercialized Krav Maga. The obective is to gain control of the situation through "points of reference" and a series of mental and physical "short circuiting"...anything after this initial stage becomes a fight instead of an attack.


We train our members in self-defense and fighting skills while developing a level of fitness that provides endurance during an attack. 

After the initial engagement in an attack, anything over 5 to 10 seconds becomes a fight. This is when you need to know how to use what we call "combatives," which include punches, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts, eye gouges, so on and so forth. We train in grappling, wrestling, and ground fighting as well. 
We use various methods and drills to teach how to use these combatives. Our classes also include sparring where you can go up against a resisting opponent but in a fun and safe environment. 


Most aspects of Reality Krav Maga training incorprate various levels of fitness training. 

Our classes incoroporate HIIT cardio and bodyweight exercises designed to develop endurance and strength. 


No matter how well you may know the techniques or how often you train specific scenarios, the adrenaline dump and just the sheer frenzy of a fight can drain a person of their energy quickly. 


As you may have seen in MMA fights, a skilled fighter without endurance will normally lose. With that, the RKM students work toward developing self-defense and fighting skills while also emphasizing fitness.

What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga, translated from Hebrew as "Contact combat," is a self-defense system originally developed by Imi Lichtenfield for use against anti-semite groups in Czechoslovakia. The methods were initially based on Imi's training as a boxer and as a wrestler. However, Imi quickly realized that fighting in a boxing ring is much different than real street combat. He incorporated new techniques learned from other fighters and from his own testing in the field. After being accepted into the newly formed state of Israel, Imi's methods were incorporated into the Israel Defense Forces as the primary combat system.


Krav Maga takes a scientific, no-nonsense approach to self-defense. The moves and techniques are based on a person's natural reactions. Rather than reprogramming a person's reflexes, Krav Maga utilizes and expands on those natural movements to turn them into blocks and counter-strikes. This allows a person to learn the system much more quickly and improves the likelihood that a person will use these techniques under the stress of a real fight.


Unlike many major martial systems there is little retained purely for tradition. Every technique has been methodically tested both in the gym and in the street. Any that are overly complicated or ineffective are replaced. This approach allows Krav Maga to constantly evolve. Within our school new tactics are added and older ones replaced. We study the methods of many schools of martial combat, as well as train with experts in various arts, to create the best self-defense system for our students.

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