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Reality Krav Maga is a not-for-profit program designed to help people learn Authentic Krav Maga. Over the years we have become like a second family and members look forward to gathering weekly to continue to learn the most exciting form of self-defense known to man and to spend time having fun with each other! Come join us today!

This is a straight forward intense and fun program. The instructors and participants are knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and want you to succeed and learn. We dove right in with strikes, kicks, weapon defense(knife) drills, cardio exercises all within an hour and you FEEL the burn immediately. Very impressed with the facility as it is spacious, and accommodating. Reality KRAV MAGA ...check them out!


Walter L. 



The trainers are knowledgeable and always willing to take questions, demonstrate difficult movements, and work with you to help gain better understanding of the training. My experience at this facility is limited, but so far I'm impressed.

Update: after nearly a year of training I have lost over fifty pounds and gained more skills than I thought possible. This class has been truly amazing. Highest recommendations.


Remington C.


I have found RKM to be a great group of people interested in enhancing their level of self defense. The desire to share and help others is great for people new to martial arts and really helpful. Truly a great program and great group to learn with.


Robert R. 

Corey 3.png

I practiced traditional martial arts for 10 years before finding Reality Krav Maga. I've trained in Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This course builds upon my previous experience, but training in these styles is not required. Anyone can start with no experience and learn to defend themselves. This program takes a realistic approach to self-defense. They also teach avoidance and de-escalation to avoid conflict when possible. I strongly recommend that anyone curious about it should come check it out! This is a good learning environment without being intimidating.


Corey W.

John Davis.jpg

I first started practicing martial arts as a teenager roughly forty years ago. As a Marine assigned to Marine Detachment, USS New Jersey I was slotted as the Detachment Close Combat instructor for two years and continued to study various techniques and styles as diverse as Kobudo and Sambo. Between deployments I got involved with Reality Krav Maga in Louisville even serving as an instructor for a period of time before my last deployment and retirement. I found them to be dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction to their members while consistantly keeping an eye to their needs and an open mind reqarding techniques and teaching methods. They are an outstanding group of dedicated people I am proud to associate with and consider among my friends.


Very Respectfully John C. D. Major, U.S. Army retired


Reality Krav Maga is a system everyone should learn, its simple but practical for anyone. I have studied and trained in many Martial Arts but RKM is most practical for a "real life encounter" on the street. There are no rules, weight classes and mouthpieces in a real fight, so train for Reality.

Trey E. 

Louisville Metro corrections Training academy instructor

Danny C.png

“The folks at RKM (Reality Krav Maga) really care about their community and their community’s safety. I’ve had the pleasure of training with their instructors and several of their members who are very committed and proficient Krav Maga practitioners.”

I have approximately 22 years’ experience in law enforcement. My law enforcement assignments have included uniformed patrol, field training officer, supervisor and chief executive officer. I have worked for municipal, county and state police agencies. I have completed thousands of hours of formal law enforcement training with the Department of Criminal Justice Training and the Kentucky State Police. Specialty training includes: Krav Maga, ASP Tactical Instructor, firearms training, less-lethal weapons, supervision, dignitary protection, DUI detection, accident investigations and general investigations. I have approximately 34 years martial arts training, including more than 12 years Krav Maga experience. I hold a 2nd Dan Black Belt in martial arts and am a 2nd Dan Black Belt Krav Maga Instructor with the USKMA.

Danny C.  State Police

Reality Krav Maga has trained not only the general public - but also personnel from many Police Departments, FBI, Homeland Security, Sheriffs Departments, Correctional Officers, Army Combative's Instructors, National Guard, Security Officers, and various military branches. 

Jewish Community Center of Louisville Testimonial
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