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The programs in our system are well thought out and not designed to simply take up class space. Krav Maga is by nature learned fast and can be used in real world situations much quicker than most martial arts training. However, the Reality Krav Maga system is based on our exclusive "rotating curriculum" method that allows for even faster learning and greater retention of the material. Ask about our "two clock" system that has revolutionized Krav Maga training. 

            CRASH COURSE (Reality Krav Maga)
This is one of our flagship short term training courses designed for the person who cannot commit to long term training but wants a good understanding of what it takes to protect themselves in many possible street scenarios. This can be accomplished in just one Saturday program.
            Street Smart Krav Maga Clinics
These 2-hour, 1-Day, and Weekend Clinics are like an IDF bootcamp for three seperate groups: kids, women, and men. This is the fastest way to gain a level of self-defense ability and confidence to meet real world demands. These clinics teach self defense for women, self defense for kids and self defense for men in a way that helps all three groups retain what they are taught in just one clinic. 
           LONG TERM TRAINING (Official Reality Krav Maga Course)
This consists of weekly training classes in our flagship Reality Krav Maga Members training. You can train our weekly training group or the 10 month intensive (1 Day per month for 10 months), and we offer unlimited impromptu classes facilitated by our instructors and senior members! Receive Official Ranking & Certifications in Krav Maga in just 10 short months. Our state of the art ROTATING CURRICULUM allows you to learn the already designed to learn fast system of Military Krav Maga in and even faster and more efficient manner. 



           REALITY KIDS KRAV MAGA (coming soon! - check for availability)
For ages 6-12 we teach kids real world self-defense, unlike some of the traditional arts that often teach unrealistic training methods and techniques. Other systems leave students and parents with a false sense of security and abilities. Reality Kids Krav Maga is the ultimate training for kids looking for fitness, confidence, and an ability to defend themselves. This is the most advanced martial arts program for kids and self defense for children in the Louisville, KY area. 



          Stick and Baton Training
This consists of training in both Filipino Stick Fighting as well as Modern Telescopic or Expandable Baton Training. This is a fun and effective program to help you become skilled with a modern day weapon you can use for real world self defense. Methods from Israeli Security & Military, Filipino Systems, Modern Arnis, and Force Necessary curriculum.  



         FITNESS & Wellness - The Krav Maga Way
Krav Maga is designed to not only teach you self defense in a fast rapid manner but also due to the drills, you get in great shape. We call this functional fitness...learning a skill while getting in shape. We have had students lose huge amounts of weight due to their Krav Maga training. 
Wellness - Diet - Supplements
Part of being a Kravist at a member of our club is to learn to be a pure Kravist. Which includes knowledge to live in good health and living the good life, not just learning to fight. 
We help you cut through all the hype about diets, supplements and alternative health and focus on what really works and how to live a healthy good life without breaking the bank.
If you want to lose weight or control blood sugar or blood pressure or deal with hormonal issues...we can give you advice on diets and supplements to help you live a better life. We can show you how to lose weight with simple to do no hype diets made for real life. 
We help you with counsel and coaching in business, health, finances, relationships, confidence, weight loss, and life wisdom.



              Everything as a Weapon & Personal Safety Devices
This is a fun and effective program to help you become skilled with everyday items you can turn into effective weapons for real world self defense.
Using things like umbrellas, rolled newspapers, car keys, chairs, cell phones, screw drivers, sticks, knifes, blankets, rocks, bottles or anything you can get your hands on. 
Also Personal Safety products like stun guns, mace, pepper spray, tasers, ETC. 


         Israeli Combat Knife Training 
Learn to use a knife as a self defense weapon the Reality Krav Maga way!
Methods from Israeli and Filipino Knife Systems. As well as Force Necessary System. 



         Israeli Gun Training 
Learn to use a gun as a self defense weapon the Reality Krav Maga way!
Israeli Combat Systems. 



        Israeli Kickboxing (Hisardut) Learn Kickboxing the Israeli way...this system is incorporated in the our Krav Maga Curriculum. But we also have a stand alone program to help you to learn the techniques in a fun and safe environment, that will quickly get you into shape and help you develop tremendous striking skills.  



Reality Krav Maga offers the ultimate in training for women's self defense and self protrection. We teach not only the Krav Maga techniques but also the proper mindset, teaching about situational awareness, the mind of the attacker and how to make wise choices to avoid potential problems. We are also the only program in Louisville that teaches the use of weapons such as expandable baton and self protection items. As well as training in "everything as a weapon."
         Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do (Kali, Eskrima, Arnis)

We also give you a dose of functional modified Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do to add to your fighting skills. Especially in-fighting close range striking skills. Some techniques will be added in our Krav Maga Curriculum and we will also conduct stand alone modules and clinics from time to time. 


         Slo-Flo  (Israeli Fitness program with similarities to Tai Chi & Yoga)

We are proud to announce this fantastic exercise and health system. It looks and has many similarities to that of Yoga and Tai Chi...but includes scientific stretching and some concepts similar to pilates with some slow Krav Maga movements as well. 

Fantastic for people of all ages...even elderly. You will notice same and even better health and relaxation effects that you get with Yoga and Tai Chi without the new age and esoteric involvement so not to compromise those concerns of the Judeo- Christian Faith or just others who dont want to be involved in those side components of Yoga and Tai Chi. 


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