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"Pure Krav Maga is more than fighting...

Live Well"

Krav Maga Health & Wellness

The Bottom Line in Health: What works & What does not

In the same way that Reality Krav Maga researches, updates and transitions in order to always be the best of the best in the area of self defense and also in fitness...we also believe part of being a pure Kravist is seeking to stay in good health. Any true Kravist also takes care of their body in all areas of health and wellness. 

Below is some of the best supplements and wellness diets we have uncovered from our intensive research. 

Being a PURE KRAVIST can benefit you in so many way. Confidence, Self Protection, Health, Fitness, Mental Wellness and Clarity, Stress Reduction, and Peace.

Best Products and Programs on the Market

Weight Loss

Anti-Inflammatory Products

Hemp Oil +++ Ayurvedic Medicine +++ Essential Oils

Healthy Supplements and Safer Products You Use Everyday


Paleo-Zone Pre-Made & Cooked Meals  

Delivered to Your Door in Louisville, KY and all USA. 

Clean Eating...No Preservatives...No GMO's...No Added Sugars...No MSG...Gluten, Grain & Dairy Free and No Artificial Flavors or Ingrediants

This diet is based on how our ancestors supposedly lived during the Paleolithic Era as believed by some or simply how we were created by our creator...and when we hunted, gathered, or picked everything.

The Paleo High Protein Plan is designed to compliment an active lifestyle in order to kick-start your weight-loss, decrease body fat, and to build muscle mass.

Eating Paleo has become one of the fastest growing diet plans of this generation, and it continues to be increasingly popular. Due mainly to the increased understanding of the adverse effects related to the consumption of processed refined grains, dairy, oils, and sugars. The Paleo meal plan emphasizes the addition of lean meats, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy fats and oils.

  • Our Meals are Grain, Gluten and Dairy Free

  • Each meal is protein heavy to help you feel full throughout the day

     With lots and lots of nutrients in our meals and no fillers. Highly processed foods containing refined grains, sugars, oils, trans fats, and dairy are normal and very common in the average Western diet, so paleo may take some getting used too...more for some people than others. If combined with an active lifestyle, this diet will allow you to experience increased energy, fewer sugar cravings, a leaner body and a clearer head just by simply eliminating these foods completely from your diet.


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